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Ozpig Package - The Whole Hog


ozpig package the whole hog

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Ozpig Package - The Whole Hog

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For those in the know, the Ozpig does not require much introduction. The hugely popular portable wood stove is a versatile workhorse for the backyard or the bush. The little piggy never fails to provide warmth or a hugely versatile cooking station regardless of if you are entertaining in your backyard or are camping in the outback.  

The Ozpig is also adaptable with a range of accessories to suit your cooking requirements. This starter kit will give you everything you need to impress your friends with the beautiful warmth and tasty treats.


  • 1x Ozpig Portable Wood Stove - With the stove you receive the Ozpig main unit, a customised carry bag, 2 x warming plates, 4 x legs, 3 x straight chimney sections, a spark arrestor, a multi-purpose tool (wood poker and plate lift handle), a mesh floor fire grate and a comprehensive instruction manual.
  • 1x Ozpig Diffuser - The Ozpig Diffuser is one of the most popular accessories for the Ozpig, it has several uses but generally helps to control the heat transferred to cookware.
  • 1x Ozpig Extension Legs - 200mm long Ozpig Extension Legs bring the cooking surface up to waist height.
  • 1x Ozpig Chargrill Plate and Drip Tray - The chargrill plate and drip tray is the ozpig BBQers dream. This setup allows users to grill directly over the heat source below (fire or heatbeads - if heatbead basket is fitted).
  • 1x Ozpig Chimney Offset kit -  The Chimney Offset Kit offers more flexibility with Ozpig location allowing users to setup the main body of the ozpig under a tarp or awning and direct the chimney outside.
  • 1x Ozpig Rotisserie Kit
  • 1x Ozpig Vented Door - The Ozpig Vented Door allows you greater control over the fire.  Adding the vented door to your Ozpig offers greater control over the fire inside and also provides a reliable and safe way to let the fire burn down when you are finished.


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