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4-Way Stretch Carpet - Campervan Lining Carpet

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4-Way Stretch Carpet - Campervan Lining Carpet

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This stretchy automotive carpet has a multitude of uses for campervan conversions.

We use it on a daily basis when converting vehicles.

Due to its stretchiness, it can be used to line the internal walls of vans shaping to the contours.

It can be used to line interior wall panels either factory plastic panels or timber panels.

It can be used to cover boards for ceiling panels.

It can be used to line drawer inserts and battery boxes.

When used in vehicles the best way to apply the lining is to use a High-Tac , high temp contact adhesive. Both the material and the surface it is to be applied to are glued. Wait for the glue to start to turn tacky before bonding the surfaces together. When applying the two glued surfaces together, work on one small section at a time stretching and manipulating the material into all corners and gaps.

A number of tools can be used to make this job easier such as craft rollers, trim tools and even plastic cards similar to credit cards.

There are two colours available:

  • Light Gray
  • Charcoal (Dark Grey)

Colours may vary slightly to the displayed images.

The material is 2m wide as standard so 1m (as advertised in this listing) will provide 2 square meters of material.

The advertised price includes free Australia wide shipping.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.



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