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LED Gooseneck Lamp

LED Gooseneck Lamp

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Efficient, 1.5 Watt, USB plug, silver, flexible lamp to create that extra light!

Product Features:

  • Perfect reading light for the sleeping roof of a camping bus
  • 2 USB ports with 1 amp each Charging capacity
  • Very bright luminaire with 2-step switch
  • 45cm long, movable gooseneck

Product Description:

LED reading light with two-stage switch and two USB ports (5V, each 1 ampere). Highly recommended for your high top bed / pop-top bed. Charge your mobile phone or laptop using the USB ports while reading.

Chrome-plated aluminum, 12 volts, 1,5 watt, 400 0K, 105 lumens, radiation angle, 90°, energy efficiency A+.

Also installed in Adria motorhomes, vans, and caravans.



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