Supex Curved Roof Rafters 4x

Supex Curved Roof Rafters 4x

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Suitable for most caravan and RV roll out awnings including Carefree & Dometic A&E, curved Roof Rafters are used to keep the vinyl roof from sagging, ensuring 100% water run-off as well as keeping the fabric tight and reducing wind flap.

Did you know awning damage is the most common type of insurance claim within the RV industry? Curved Roof Rafters were introduced to help overcome these two common problems experienced by caravanners with roll out awnings:

  1. Wind Flapping. Wind flapping in the awning causes the caravan to shake which can lead to restless sleep plus cause damage to the awning, frameset, roller and fabric.
  1. Water Pooling. Water pooling is a common cause of awning damage.

The Supex 563V is a high quality rafter with a rounded top surface to protect your awning from wear when the rafter is in place (unlike others in the market in this price range). In addition the aluminium and powdercoast thickness is also greater than the other universal rafters that we've inspected, making this rafter our recommended choice.

NEW VERSION (V2): Supex have just released a new version which includes a number of improvements over the original version. These include:

The rafter is thicker and stronger while still being lightweight

It features a larger round tightenning knob, which is less likely to break if dropped etc

The new version is finished in powdercoated pure white (previously a cream colour)

Don't risk getting the old stock - grab the improved version from Campsmart today!

Recommended Usage:

The minimum recommended usage per awning size is outlined on the following table:

Awning Size        Recommended

11' and under             1

12' - 16' 2

17' - 20' 3

21' and over               4

Specifications Include:

1.5 to 2.5m extension
Slight Curve is just enough to keep tension on the awning fabric (for most awnings)
12 Month Warranty through Supex, a prominent Australian manufacturer of RV Parts & Accessories
Wall brackets included
Unique rounded finish on top to protect the awning fabric from wear
Lightweight and durable aluminium
Powder coated white

Installation Details:

Attach the bracket to the RV with 2 screws into the desired position
Extend the awning out to the fully opened position making sure the key way is facing down
Drill a hole in the awning tube at an appropriate height
File / de-burr the hole in the barrel to ensure no damage to the fabric occurs when closing

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