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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Camper Craft

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Camper Craft:

At Camper Craft we specialise in everything motorhomes and campervans. As well as a supplier of vans, we are fully equipped to carry out repairs, including installation of motorhome and caravan parts in Australia. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Camper Craft when you are looking to buy a campervan or motorhome or associated parts and accessories, or if you need to have repairs carried out to your vehicle.

      Our pricing at Camper Craft is extremely competitive. We pride ourselves on stocking and supplying quality campervans, motorhomes, parts and accessories at reasonable prices. We have the best range available, at the best value for money.

        Quality Vehicles and Accessories:
          We have a great selection of motorhomes and campervans on site and a huge range of parts available in our showroom. We stock top brands and we have a range of the latest accessories that make life while traveling and camping easy! Our parts and accessory range includes RV awnings and RV awning parts, electrical hardware such as power points, cables and 15amp converters, camp cooking accessories, portable coffee machines, RV plumbing parts and accessories including portable hot waters systems and portable laundry solutions and even compact, lightweight fishing boats. These are just some of the RV lifestyle accessories that we offer.

          When you are looking to make your travel/camping experiences easy and fun, Camper Craft have a range of motorhome parts and accessories and caravan parts with shipping available to anywhere in Australia.

            Highly Experienced:
              At Camper Craft we have are highly knowledgeable about all things motorhome, campervan and camping! We love RVing and camping and we love to talk RVing and camping! We believe our passion shines through in every corner of our business, whether it’s chatting with customers about the latest motorhomes, campervans, caravans or parts Australia has to offer or even assistance with planning your next trip. You will find our team friendly, approachable, professional and honest.

                We Ask Questions:

                  In order for Camper Craft to best serve the customer and for us to do our job properly, we need to understand the customer’s needs and criteria. To understand this, we ask questions that help us paint a picture of your what your dream motorhome or campervan looks like. Regardless of if you haven been looking for a motorhome or campervan for 1 week or one year we still ask these questions as it helps us form an understanding of what motorhomes or campervans suit your needs and requirements.

                  Honest & Approachable:

                  We don’t believe in the hard sell, we believe in understanding our customers’ needs and providing the motorhomes or campervans that best suit these needs. Many of our customers are just starting the journey of finding a dream motorhome or campervan and don’t know where to start. That’s where we shine. We have no affiliations to manufacturers and we provide honest opinions based on our knowledge and experience that we believe best suit the criteria you have provided us. We always happy to help!

                  When you are looking for fun and rewarding travel and camping experiences, come to us at Camper Craft. Our friendly service, professionalism, quality products and great prices will see that you get to make the most of your time when camping. Contact us for more information on our great caravans, motorhomes, and motorhome parts and accessories today.



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