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VW T6/T5 SWB Pop Top for Vans with Climatronic Roof Liner

VW T6/T5 SWB Pop Top for Vans with Climatronic Roof Liner

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Easy-Fit pop-top roof for short wheelbase VW T5/T6 vehicles with rear air conditioning such as the VW Multivan.

Product Features:

  • Integrated GFK mounting frame
  • More foot space due to higher scissor hinges
  • Low vehicle height, suitable for most underground garages
  • Folding roof with standing height in the entrance area
  • Suitable for T6, T5 with VW climate canopy
  • Luxury or STANDARD canopy bed optionally available

Product Details:

Pop-top roof, integrated GFK strengthening frame, no additional strengthening necessary.

Front pop up, gas strut assisted with belt lock.

Suitable for vehicles with airbags in the passenger compartment

The canvas of the elevating is made of breathable, 100% cotton mesh (grey) and has three windows, 2 on either side and 1 in the front. All can be fully closed from the inside. The two side windows are equipped with mosquito nets to ensure good ventilation. These can also be zipped open completely.

Increase of vehicle height appr. 7 cm, vehicle height including pop-top roof app. 200 cm (depending on type and load), headroom appr. 195 - 245 cm (roof open).

Surface colored in a white, pre-assembled, technical report available.

With a belt lock suitable for vans with climatronic-roof liner.



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